Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Preperation...or lack of

The anxiety attacks have begun. With 5 days, 18 hours, 54 minutes, and 3 seconds left until plane departure, I have begun reflecting on my short, but sweet, summer. This summer was my busiest yet. I worked an unpaid internship, waitressed at a pizza restaurant, and took a summer class. Seeing my friends here and there was unfortunate, but I thoroughly enjoyed my summer nevertheless. The experience I have gotten from my internship is truly priceless and makes me even giddier to go into the real world in just 2 short years.
I haven't even started packing yet....whoops. It takes steps. Step one: bring suitcases up to room from basement- check! See I'm getting somewhere. How am I supposed to pack an entire semester's wardrobe in merely two suitcases?! Please! This will be a struggle.
Did I mention my anxiety attacks?

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